I was born in December 1982, in Chicoutimi (Québec, Canada). I obtained my baccalaureate in visual arts at the Laval University of Québec City in 2005.

Art has always been a passion to me. As a kid, I already knew I wanted to be an artist. I was interested in comic books during my teenage years, but it's only in college that painting became my main interest. My inspiration first came with the acquaintance of surrealist painters. I discovered then a world of peculiar images with obscure meanings, exploring figuratively abstract concepts through their own strange and personal vision of life, pursuing the mysteries of subconscious and dreams, bringing a different view on perception, reality, human mind and desires.

I was also very impressed by some notable fantasy artists, as well as erotic artists; the way they depict beauty and sensuality, and how they bring grandiose imaginary worlds to life.

Overall, my paintings are more or less a mixture of surrealism, fantasy, erotic art, with a touch of symbolism and sometimes macabre. But most of all, my paintings are images resulting of my inner thoughts and feelings; their essence is to stimulate the imagination and guide viewers where only they want to go.

Besides oil painting, I also enjoy using different mediums, such as digital painting, ink and pencils. As a freelance illustrator, I express through various projects other interests that I have, like horror, heavy metal, dark humor, comics, cinema and pop culture. I really like trying different styles and having fun with what I do.